Shepherds Hut Process

Wondering how we work?
How to go from your initial idea to receiving the delightful delivery of your Shepherds hut?

1: Gather your initial ideas

Words, images, drawings, photos, videos, websites

2: Contact us

You can call, email, or fill out our enquiry form and we can arrange a consultation.

3: Creative Consultations:

Let's talk!
We listen to the specifics about what you'd like and need, this can include everything from aesthetics - colours, materials and sizes, and all practical considerations.

We can meet you in person and its often wise to have a site visit to understand the logistics of your location and what we need to know for delivery.

4: Design

We will create a design with your specifics for you to see and sign off prior to construction.

5: Quotation

We will provide you with a quotation and create a contract for both parties to sign off on before beginning the building process.

6: Construction

We will create your beautiful shepherd's hut and communicate with you along the way so you know whats happening and when.
Typically, a hut takes around six weeks to 10 weeks to complete and is built at our site in Sussex 

7: Delivery and installation

Once construction is complete we will arrange delivery to your site for you and install it in place.